Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the finished and active projects we are/have been a part of. 

  •  Upgrade and new installation of furnace by Tizir in Odda
  •  Building a new land based aquaculture facility at Askøy
  •  Cablesteel mounting and instrument pipefitting at Aasta Hansteeen quay at Kværner Stord
  •  Cablesteel mounting and instrument pipefitting at Johan Sverdrup project at Kværner Stord
  •  Johan Sverdrup Hook-Up we had 40 operators in 2-4 rotation in the disciplines: 
    – Instrument pipefitters
    – Cablesteel mounters
    – Cable pulls
    – Automation
    – Group L and H electrician mounters
  •  Kværner Stord we’ve had upwards of 30 operators in rotation, shift and 7,5 days. Here at Njord and Johan Castberg.
  •  At Martin Linge we had 12 of our electricians & automaticians in rotation for Rosenberg.
  •  Hitec Productions 7 of our instrument pipefitters worked rotation.